We have done many SAP GTS implementations in USA, EUROPE and AISIAN countries successfully. We have implemented and deployed country specific Compliance solutions and Customs export/import declarations, Broker interfaces, Bonded warehouse, preference processing, letter of credit and intrastate declarations solutions successfully. Companies have operations in multiple countries and sell, buy products globally. The big challenge to meet country specific regulations and customs procedures while moving goods from supply country, transit countries to destination country. Seamless integration of sales, purchase operations with country specific regulations key for companies to achieve customers satisfaction and avoid penalties.

SAP GTS Compliance management reduces the time and costs of complying with country specific trade regulations. It provides screening of denied business partners, Embargo screening and export control. SAP GTSCustoms management automates global trade customs processes and enables you to manage large numbers of exports transactions and high volumes of export documents. Integrate export and import declarations with customs authorities. SAP GTS Preference Management enables to calculate preferential duty for export and imports.

We have deployed SAP GTS solutions for 18 countries in one go without any defects. We have industry proven solutions to meet country specific regulations.

Trade Solutions

Compliance Management

Provide SPL(Denied party list) screening of your Customer & Vendor Master data and transactional data screening. Embargo country screening of your transactional data.

We have implemented departure and destination country regulations screening for product export & import licenses. TSCA, FDA, EAR, CWD, CITIES, MONT, NRC, ITAR, TRS and Many more country specific regulations have been implemented successfully. Complete and industry proven compliance screening solutions have been implemented with our clients.

Customs Management

Provide complete Export declaration process, Import declarations processes, out bound Transit Declaration and Bonded ware house solutions. Proven Umbrella solutions for your configurable products to meet customs declarations globally.

Self-declarations with AES, ABI, ATLAS, NCTS, AGS, UK CHIEF and country specific customs declarations system.

Provide Letter of credit solutions, preference processing solutions, intrastate declarations solutions. Successful deployment of trade solutions with our clients. We have industry proven solutions to meet country specific regulations.