We have done end to end transport management solutions for shipping company. The transportation cost is one of key component of product pricing and to influence customers buying for products. It is for most important for export and import business operations. Consolidate orders and maximise the return on your transportation spend. Forecast demand and shipment volumes accurately to fine-tune transportation planning. Enhance freight, fleet, and logistics management to gain real-time visibility into global transportation and domestic shipping across all transportation modes and industries.

  • On-premise and cloud deployment
  • Transportation and demand planning
  • Interactive freight tendering
  • Collaboration portal

Key Futures and functions of SAP ET.

Strategic freight management

Optimise freight procurement for multiple modes. Use a sophisticated transportation management system to lower spending and measure shipper- and trade-agreement compliance.

Order management

Minimise freight costs and enhance customer service. Improve the efficiency of order and process management and generate optimised, rules-based routing proposals dynamically.

Transportation planning

Lower transportation costs and achieve on-time delivery. Enhance resource use and carrier selection with automated planning processes and integrated local business views.

Transportation execution

Improve cargo handling to run your logistics faster, more dynamically, and more responsively. Reduce shipping costs with a streamlined process and maximised efficiency.

Freight costing and settlement

Improve the accuracy and transparency of your transportation costing and invoicing. Automate freight calculations and integrate transportation management and billing data.

Analytics and reporting

Support real-time, data-driven decision-making with in-depth insight. Lower data complexity while enabling efficient collaboration among your logistics business partners.